Vine Twine Natural Jute and Steel Wire 0,44 Rolls 500Gr 290m

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Jute Twine with Steel Wire - Made in France

Natural Jute twine 2 Yarns with 1 Steel Wire 0,44 - Special Vine - Biodegradable -Made in France. 

It is packaged in 500-gram rolls of 290 meters each. It is ready to use.

This string is economical to easily make binding ligatures for vine shoots, vines or branches during trellising work.

It is ready to use, solid and easy to use.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Resistant, flexible, thin

Use :

  • Vine
  • Creative leisure activities
  • Decoration

Advantages :

  • The steel wire provides great strength to this twine
  • Can be used in organic gardening because jute is natural and steel wire is biodegradable

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Tolerance: Diameter, length, strength and weight +/-8%

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