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Smooth Hemp Climbing Rope - Traditional Range


Our smooth climbing ropes made of Polished Natural Hemp are ready to use. They are strong, have a good grip and do not burn.
Fully enjoy your activities thanks to a superior quality product, made in France.
It is the best choice for sports use.

Family Use

Advantages :

1) Handcrafted splices made in France with no addition of plastic parts
2) Hemp, a natural product, does not burn hands (not to be confused with synthetic hemp)
3) The extremities of the ropes are very soft and avoid injuries (unlike synthetic hemp ropes which can be hot-cut and cause injuries)
4) Superior quality, Traditional Range
5) Our customer service can customize the equipment according to your specifications.

Tips :

Natural Hemp ropes must be stored in a safe place. Hemp fears humidity, moulds from the inside and breaks up suddenly. Check the condition of the equipment regularly before use. The lifetime of your equipment depends on your precautions for use, maintenance and storage.

Smart Ideas :

1) Some customers provide an external hook with carabiner for quick installation and storage of the rope.
2) Find a complete collection of outdoor leisure equipment on our website "Outdoor Leisure Equipment - French Handcraft"
3) Contact-us

Data sheet
UtilisationsPrivate, Sports Clubs or Local Organizations
MatièrePolished Hemp
Longueurs2,20m (Ø20) ; 2,70m (Ø20) ; 3,20m (Ø28) ; 3,70m (Ø30) et 5m (Ø30)
FabricationFrench and Handcrafted
Cordes sur mesurePossibility of manufacturing rope in any other diameter or length to measure.
Finition1 splice at the top with lug and 50x8 thimble + 1 closed splice at the bottom
TolérancesWeight, Diameters, Lengths, Resistance +/- 7%

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