Hemp Climbing Knotted Rope - Tradition Range

Knotted Hemp Climbing Rope


Knotted Natural Hemp Climbing Rope - Traditional Range - Made In France - Several diameters and lengths are available from stock.

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Knotted Hemp Climbing Rope - Traditional product range


Our Knotted Natural Hemp Polished Climbing Ropes are ready to use. They are strong, have a good grip and do not burn. Fully enjoy your activities with these superior quality products Made in France. Best choice for sports use.

Family Use

Advantages :

1) Handcraft splices with no plastic pieces addition 
2) Hemp, a natural product, does not burn hands (not to be confused with synthetic hemp)
3) The ends of the ropes are very soft and do not cause injury (unlike synthetic hemp ropes which are hot cut and can injure the skin)
4) Superior Quality, Handcrafted Range
5) Our customer service can customize the devices according to your requirements.

Advices :

Natural Hemp ropes must be stored in a safe place. Hemp fears humidity, moulds from the inside and breaks suddenly. Check the condition of the equipment regularly before use. The lifetime of your equipment depends on your precautions for use, maintenance and storage. 

Smart Ideas : 

1) Some customers plan an external hook with carabiner for a quick installation and storage of the rope.
2) Find a complete collection of equipment on our website "Outdoor Leisure Equipment - Made In France"
3) Contact us 

Technical sheet

  • Reference AR01009
  • A - Matière Chanvre
  • A - Diamètre

  • AA Origine France
  • Utilisation
  • Finition

  • Type À nœuds

Customer review

23 reviews

Joel S.

Tout était parfait

published the 07/11/2022

Chantal S.

Idem mais petit bémol :Noeuds un peu petits

published the 31/07/2022

Mclaire B.

Tout à fait conforme à notre attente

published the 28/07/2022

Jérôme P.

très satisfait par la qualité des produits et la rapidité de la livraison

published the 22/07/2022

Benjamin B.

Joli produit. Cordes traditionnelles et naturelles, diametre adapte a une bonne prise en main.

published the 18/07/2022

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