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Agricultural Sisal Twine Type 220 for medium density press.Bag of 2 balls, weight 20 kg or 10 kg each. Anti-humidity and rodent proof treatment.

Type of agricultural sisal twine

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Agricultural Twine Type 220 for medium density press

Agricultural Sisal Twine Type 220 for medium density press. By bag of 2 balls, weight 20 kg or by unity of 10 kg. Anti-humidity and rodent proof treatment.

Packaging :

  • Bag of 2 balls
  • Bag weight: 20 kg
  • 60 bags / pallet
  • Palletizing: 1200 kg

Features :

  • 180 meters / kg
  • Breaking strength: 110 kg / ML
  • Color "yellow"
  • Standard reference 220, which can replace references 175, 185 and 200
  • Please check the size of the twine location before ordering
  • Make an adjustment and/or remove a little thickness in order to adapt our reference to your press
  • Compliant with standards
  • Treatment: anti-humidity in oil and anti-rodent

Dimensions :

  • Wire Ø: 0,3 cm
  • Ball Ø: 25 cm
  • Height of Balls: 25,6 cm

Uses :

  • For medium density press
  • Flax / straw harvest

Advantages :

  • Permanent stock
  • A quality recognized by the distribution industry
  • A breaking strength in accordance with standards
  • Uniformity and consistency
  • Natural, biodegradable
  • Selected long fibres, a guarantee of quality
  • Guarantees a regular and strong twine
  • Safe livestock feeding
  • Unwinding from the inside of the ball with a label indicating the end to be pulled
  • Environmentally friendly: made exclusively of natural fibres, sisal twine helps to limit the environmental impact of its consumption

Tips :

  • Equivalences: agricultural sisal twine is thicker than agricultural plastic twine
  • Storage: Store the twine upright in a correct direction and do not throw it away to avoid abrasion.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from dust and moisture.
  • The sisal agricultural twine type 220 is a little thinner than 175, 185 and 200! One adjustment may be sufficient for use
  • Check the diameter and height of your compartments. If the twine roll is thicker, it will be necessary to remove some twine to adapt it to it.
  • On a low-density press, the principle of sisal and plastic twine is not the same. The knife must be perfectly aligned in contact with the knotter disc and the notch of the knotter disc must not be dug.

Notes :

Most farmers have switched to 350 polypropylene (plastic) twine, which is stronger and cheaper per kilo.

On the first medium densities, some modifications had to be made so that the machine could switch from sisal to synthetic. Then the beaks all twines solved this problem

Some presses will accept this sisal twine under adjustment conditions

We reassure all our conservative customers, our agricultural sisal twine is kept in stock and can be delivered within 24/72h

A bit of history: 

The name "Sisal" is derived from the port city of Sisal, located in Mexico, from which the fibres were shipped worldwide. This sisal plant fibre (Agave sisalana) is a plant that gives "hard fibres" used for rope making, twine making, collecting bags, furniture.

Sisal made the central Yucatán region rich between the end of the 18th century and the 1920s, particularly with the market for links for reapers and binders.

Until the 1970s, this fibre was known to European farmers as a twine used to bind flax and hay bales. Since the advent of high-density presses, it has been replaced by plastic "polypropylene" (plastic) twine.

Sisal twine is fully biodegradable. It remains the longest and most resistant of all plant fibres. It then receives anti-mould and rodent treatments.

A partnership with one of the world's leading sisal producers allows us to offer you a twine that meets the requirements of current standards:

Sisal twine remains an essential accessory for agricultural activity.

Technical sheet

  • Reference AR02236
  • Material Sisal
  • Type of agricultural sisal twine 220

Customer review

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Une paire de pelote et de mauvaise qualité la ficelle ce déchire pas intermittence toutes les 10 bottes environ La preuve et que j'ai sur plusieurs zones de la ficelle pu la déchirer facilement à main nue ce qui ne fait pas une résistance de 100kg J'espère que les deux autres paire n'auront pas ce défaut






Produit de bonne qualité.


satisfait bien que le port soit un peu cher

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