Sawmill Strand PP 8 and 10 wires

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Stranded Rope for Wood Wrapper for Sawmills

Strand 8 and 10 yarns of UV treated polypropylene - Packaged in 10kg reels.

18 coils and more: Free shipping costs

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Advantages of the Strand:

Very flexible, slightly elongates and does not break.

Regular and flawless manufacturing for optimum glide.

Superior quality

Made in Europe

Advice on how to use the different Toron ranges:

To bind bundles of firewood and sawmill.

For the proper holding of your bundle: Use a clamping lever to tighten the bundle.

To perform 1 stere: Select the 8 or 10 wires according to your uses and the number of times your stere is moved.

Technical Features :

Number of wiresBreaking StrengthNumber of meters / spoolColoursSpool weight
 wires1 040 kg420 m7 black wires, 1 blue wire10kg
10 wires1 250 kg330 m9 black  wires, 1 white wire10 kg

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