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100% natural, ecological and biodegradable sisal twine

Our Sisal Twine is 100% natural and biodegradable. It has a low stretching and is abrasion resistant. It has a very wide range of applications thanks to its good resistance, its "rustic" appearance and its neutral smell. It is ideal for small fixings, suspensions or delimitations. Sisal twine is also used for decoration thanks to its natural and authentic appearance. The sisal twine will adapt to all your needs and ideas!

Technical Features :

  • Material: Sisal
  • Diameters in stock: Ø 2, 2.5, 2.8, 3 and 3.5mm (Other diameters on order)
  • Number of strands: 2 or 3 or according to diameter
  • Color: Natural / Light yellow
  • Packaging : Different according to reference
  • Quality: Natural, ecological and biodegradable
  • Properties: Rough with little flexibility. Adapts to its environment (lengthens or shortens +/- 2%). Does not float
  • Tolerance: Diameter, length, strength and weight +/-8%
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Use :

  • Cat Tree
  • Agriculture
  • Craftsmanship
  • Pet shop
  • Floral art
  • DIY
  • Decoration
  • Gardening (Horticulture)
  • Suspension
  • Scouts

Advantages :

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Lightweight
  • "Rustic aspect"
  • Neutral odor
  • Slight stretching
  • Very good hand and knot holding
  • Very good abrasion resistance

Conservation Tips :

  • Store sisal inside to keep its natural appearance; outside the moisture confined in its fibres causes moulds.

Manufacturing :

Our sisal twines are of European quality. This gives the rope a much higher quality than that found on the market.

If you want to dye this twine, you can try a textile dye.

Data sheet
UtilisationsCat Tree; Agriculture; Craft industry; Pet shop; Floral art; DIY; Decoration; Gardening (Horticulture); Hanging; Scouts
Diamètres2, 2.5, 2.8, 3 and 3.5mm
AvantagesPerfect for small fixings, suspensions or delimitations
TolérancesWeight, Diameters, Lengths, Resistance +/- 7%