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Wooden swing for gantry 2m to 3m and 3m to 4m - Traditional Range


Adjustable swings for gantry from (2 to 3 meters) and (3 to 4 meters), with wooden board, and green Polypropylene rope or imitation hemp that resists humidity and UV rays.

Our swings are ready to use.

Fully enjoy your activity thanks to a quality product, made in France.

It is the best choice for sports use.

Product compositions :

  • Finish: 2 splices at the top with 50x8 ring and eight adjustment splices + 2 splices at the bottom 
  • Adjustable length: 2 to 3 meters and 3 to 4 meters
  • Dimensions of the drilled wooden board: Width 20 cm x Length 40 cm x Thickness 2 cm 
  • Wooden board: Space between the 3 wooden slats so that the water does not stagnate
  • String diameter: Ø 11 mm
  • Tolerance: weight, diameter, length, resistance +/- 7%
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Family Use

Advantages : 

  • Handmade splices with no addition of plastic parts
  • The green or textured polypropylene rope is weatherproof (outdoor rope)
  • Traditional Range
  • UV resistant
  • Weather resistant (fears extreme temperatures)
  • Our customer service department can customize the equipment according to your specifications

Tips : 

  • Regularly check the condition of the equipment before use
  • In order to extend their good condition, it is recommended to shelter them during the winter period, in a dry place.
  • In order to preserve the beauty of the wood and avoid its early degradation: varnish it regularly
  • The lifetime of your equipment depends on your precautions for use, maintenance and storage

Smart Ideas : 

Data sheet
UtilisationsPrivate, Sports Clubs or local communities.
MatièreRope: Pptext; Seat: Varnished wood
Diamètres11 mm
Longueurs2 à 3m and 3 à 4m
Planche en boisWidth 20 cm x Length 40 cm x Thickness 2 cm
Résistances de ruptures120kg
FabricationFrench and Handmade
AvantagesUV and weather resistant
Cordes sur mesurePossibility of manufacturing rope in any other diameter or length to measure
TraitementLe bois doit être entretenu chaque année
Finition2 splices at the top with 50x8 ring and 8 adjustment ring + 2 splices at the bottom

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