Electric hot cutting iron ENGEL 230V 60W 60W 600°

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Electric Hot Cutting Iron ENGEL 230V 60W 60W 600°


Manual iron for hot cutting ropes, halyards, twine, ribbons, straps, belts and all synthetic textiles

The synthetic material melts under the heat of the heating knife. Essential accessory for precise work and impeccable finishes.

Also used to repair and stabilize frayings.

The heating switch is placed under the tool for ease of use

The switch must be held down to start heating and lighting

The heating setting is done by playing the switch

Heating time 6 to 8 seconds

The cutting temperature is about 600° C

Two indicator lights on the front of the tool illuminate the work surface

Robust structure

Insulation II

Weight 1 kg

Delivered in its box with instructions

It is a tool that should be used intermittently for occasional work and never continuously.

CAUTION: Burn injuries may occur while using this product.

Do not touch knife and blade after start-up.

Do not place the unit on an object until the heating tool has cooled completely.

Unplug the unit each time it is not used.